Storm Water Management

EPA guidelines that govern Commercial Erosion Control and Storm Water Management demand that builders develop a plan to control contaminant flow.

Our Omerta experts help residential, commercial and industrial owners manage wastewater, hazardous liquid and sediment runoff ensuring government regulation compliance.

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Street Sweeping

Over time, large amounts of decaying vegetation, garbage and debris can accumulate on streets. Frequent street sweeping is an integral task for maintaining a clean, healthy environment. Many hazardous waste products can be left after construction of buildings and roads. Upon completion of these projects, it is essential to return the streets to their clean, pristine state.

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BMP Installation

Straw bale barriers, Filter fabrics, Silt fences, Sediment basins and Stabilized entrances - The EPA has discussed four key ecological factors affecting construction site soil erosion: soil, vegetation, topography and climate. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has required builders to articulate, implement and maintain Best Management Practices (BMPs) before earth-moving activities commence.

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Snow Removal

Snow blowers, heavy duty pickup trucks and front end loaders can be expensive investments for seasonal snow removal. Let our snow removal experts use our equipment to remove the snow from your location. Our skilled workers will melt the ice, remove the snow and clear any other debris from sidewalks, parking lots and driveways so your customers have a clear path to your business door.

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Labor Services

Don't strain your arm, shoulder or back muscles with heavy lifting. Moving large amounts or heavy items can be tiring. Trust in our manual labor services for your lifting, unloading/loading and moving needs. Our workers can lift the heavy boxes, crates and equipment. Perhaps, you need to clean up a work site - our manual labor services can help.

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Weed & Brush Removal

Has your lawn turned into an unrecognizable jungle? Have you recently purchased a property that had returned to the wilderness? Weeds can be unwanted, undesirable, unattractive obstacles that can quickly overtake a lawn. Overgrown wild brush and weeds could be safety hazards to little children or pets; combustible material like leaves, branches and wood could be fire hazards. But don't despair, we can help.

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Erosion Control

• Straw bale barriers should be bound, entrenched, and securely anchored to prevent deterioration. A row of straw bales slows runoff flow and creates a pond behind the barrier where sediment can settle out. Straw bale barriers are most effective for filtering low to moderate storm flows, where structural strength is not required.

• Filter fabrics are engineering fabrics designed to retain sediment particles larger than a certain size and allow water to pass through. Filter fabrics can be used in silt fences (see below) or erosion control mats. Erosion control mats protect soil and seed from erosion and can be designed to allow vegetation to grow through the material.

• Silt fences are vertical fences of filter fabric that are stretched across and attached to support poles. The fabric retains sediment on the construction site and allows relatively sediment-free water to pass through. Silt fences are placed to protect streams and surrounding property from sediment-laden runoff.

• Sediment basins are ponds created by excavation or the construction of a dam or barrier. Sediment basins primarily serve to retain or detain runoff to allow excessive sediment to settle out during construction. Sediment basins can be converted into permanent detention ponds or wetlands after construction.

• Stabilized entrances reduce the amount of sediment carried off a construction site by vehicles when pressure-washed on-site. These entrances are designed to include stabilized pads of aggregate underlain with a filter fabric. Stabilized construction site entrances should be located at any point in the construction zone where vehicles enter and leave. Wheels and undercarriages of vehicles should be washed before leaving the site. Contact Omerta at:

"We will work with your business helping you fill out the paperwork that document your environmental regulation compliance. We can use filter fences, stabilized entrances and vehicle undercarriage cleaning to control the erosion of the work site by permitting the flow through of liquids, while retaining soil, sediment and debris in collection basins to prevent contamination of external ecosystems."

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